My first digital camera was a Fuji compact camera, which took beautiful pictures but had all kinds of limitations due to its compactness.
When Olympus launched the OM-D E5 in 2012 and the camera was among the top-rated cameras of that time, I gradually stocked up on Micro-Four-Thirds technology from Olympus and Panasonic and bought the adequate lenses for almost all photographic situations. For my secondary job as press officer of Siebold grammar school in Würzburg at that time, the equipment served me very well and delivered pictures for the school’s homepage, its annual report and the local newspaper. And, of course, I always had my equipment with me when I went travelling or on excursions. When the OM-D E5 was getting on in years, my desire for a better camera, especially in the areas of resolution, speed and low light, increased. 
The – expensive – solution was a change of system: After much deliberation, I treated myself to the brand-new Sony full-frame camera 7RIV and from then on I have gradually expanded my inventory of lenses, filters and other accessories.

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